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How Compliance Core makes compliance and risk management easy

With a centralized system of documented processes and strategies, you can strengthen your organization's compliance program and reduce incidents of noncompliance by more than 85%. Here's how:

Audit Trail

Regulatory Change Management

  • Monitor and Validate Content
  • Automated Workflow
  • Centralize Your Document Repository
  • Document Required Implementation Tasks
  • Perform Business/Function Impact Analysis
  • Access Information and Customized Reports
Compliance Core Regulatory Library Module

Searchable Regulatory Library

  • Leverage our comprehensive regulatory library to capture all laws and regulations that are applicable to your organization and build your regulatory inventory.
  • Align businesses, functions and product suite to applicable laws and regulations.
  • Perform keyword search of multiple regulatory sources at multiple search levels.
  • Accessible anywhere and at any moment.
Compliance Core Audit Trail Module

Risk and Control Mapping

  • Create a common repository of risks and controls enabling aggregated view of risk and compliance.
  • Gain visibility into specific requirements for each division within a line of business or function.
  • Link risks and controls to your repository of laws and regulations, changing existing process from compliance-based to a risk-based model.
  • Develop and link test plans based on rationalized requirements, risks and controls.
Compliance Core Regulatory Library Module

Compliance Calendar

  • Ensure that you don’t miss any important compliance date. Get alerts of significant compliance deadlines.
  • Be proactive on regulatory matters. Plan ahead of your organization’s compliance needs.
  • Increase transparency across the organization.
  • Avoid incurring fines and penalties for late filing or missing information.
  • Facilitate global management.